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LEEDS2023: Waking the Artist Exhibition

Working with LEEDS 2023 and producer Sammy Gooch for LEEDS 2023's exhibition "Waking the Artist." Curated from nearly 3,000 works of art submitted by the Leeds public. Using set design and creative direction with a team of talented makers to bring the artworks to life. 

Testimonials from the exhibition:

“What’s lovely is that this feels really inclusive. When you think of an exhibition, that could potentially put people off because they’re not sure what to expect, but this is open, it’s vibrant, it’s very different to any art exhibition I’ve ever been to before!” Oly Woodcock, BBC Radio Leeds

"This experience has inspired me to try and do more art. I'm sure I'm not the only person who has been touched in this way so I wanted to thank all the people putting in the hard work behind the scenes to showcase the imagination of Leeds" - Elizabeth Senior, Submission Artist.

Creative Lead

Camille Hewitt


Sammy Gooch

Lead Carpenter

John Driscoll

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